• Board of Directors

      Board of Directors

      In The Name of God

      Over the years Parsian Bank has built a strong reputation as a sound and safe institution following a path of prudent growth. This together with the wellestablished business franchise, strong capital base and adequate liquidity will enable us to achieve our strategic business priorities to the ultimate benefit of all our shareholders. The Bank's key performance indicators and successive achievements in the field of monetary and economics, suggests the top position of the Bank in the diversification and development of electronic and retail banking services. Parsian Bank has always tried to provide a very high standard of service to its customers evidenced by the most satisfactory level of new customer acquisitions achieved. The Bank has also continued to focus on good opportunities in its chosen lending segments and increase its share of target markets. We are determined to continue our endeavors and hope for a bright future relying on expertise, perseverance and correct understanding of conditions ahead, to play a distinguished role in banking arena, both inside and outside the country. Here we extend our thanks and appreciation to the staff of the Bank whose dedicated service and commitment has played a vital role in the achievements of the Bank over the years and to all our valued customers and shareholders for their continuous support and the confidence reposed by them in Parsian Bank. Our strategic ingenuity, core values and professional approach to business will enable us to deliver the best value to our stakeholders and further improve our position in the market place.