• Awards and Appreciation Ceremony was held by Parsian Bank to award Kian Packet winners.

      Awards and Appreciation Ceremony was held by Parsian Bank to award Kian Packet winners.

      Kian Plan of Parsian Bank was implemented from 02/11/2018 to 04/20/2019 to encourage POS terminal owners connected to Parsian Bank to open accounts in this bank.

      The first round of drawing lots for Kian Plan was held in 01/22/2019 for the interval from 02/11/2018 to 11/21/2018 in which Mahboobeh Nakh Foroosh was awarded a 3 billion Rials housing allowance in a ceremony.
      In the second round of drawing lots, 10 domestic car allowances were granted for the interval from 02/11/2018 to 04/20/2019. Lucky winners were from Ahwaz, Mashhad, Khorram Abad, Zabol, Saveh and 5 winners from Tehran who were awarded in a ceremony held in 08/24/2018.
      The basis for granting scores was based on minimum balance of the account connected to the POS terminal on a daily basis, and the customers' total scores were the base for drawing lots.
      Public Relations Manager of Parsian Bank said: "Owners of POS terminals connected to Parsian Bank accounts, keeping increasing inventory, are eligible to participate in the coming packets of Parsian Bank and utilize new services and benefits."
      Maryam Vahid Nia stated, Parsian Bank afforded to serve customers as a well-known and successful bank by providing innovative and diversified services as well as supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Administrators of Parsian Bank intend to cross customer-focused culture to realize the business partner model.
      Tehrani Winners of Parsian Kian Packet: Services of Parsian Bank and its customer-focused policy have made it the most ideal bank in Iran.
      The appreciation ceremony and the 500 million IRR award to Tehrani winners of the second round of Kian Plan was held in Azerbaijan, Pamenar, Abshar, Imam Hossein and Sarsabz branches of Parsian Bank in Tehran by the presence of Maryam Vahid Nia, the Public Relations Manager. In this ceremony, the 500 million IRR car allowance was granted to five Tehrani winners, namely Majid Soltanian Javadi, Ramezan Veshtani, Mohammad Nik-Khah Qehi, Ramin Mirani Qusheh Bolagh and Fariba Fatehi.
      While expressing satisfaction and great joy for being awarded, Majid Soltanian Javadi, the Azerbaijan St. Branch of Tehran customer said, "I decided to open a savings account with my award’s amount to enjoy new benefits and facilities provided by new packets .Furthermore I encouraged all my friends and relatives to open accounts and obtain the POS terminal to utilize services and packets provided by Parsian Bank."
      Ramezan Veshtani is an old and loyal customer of Pamenar Branch of Parsian Bank who has been using POS terminal services for three years.
      While appreciating services provided to him as a tailor, he stated, "Nationwide winners of Kian Packet indicate that Parsian Bank and its POS terminals have attracted people's attention all over Iran with their extensive coverage, facilities and capabilities provided to the customers.
      Mohammad Nik-Khah Qehi is the Abshar Branch customer of Parsian Bank, Stating that he only uses Parsian POS terminal, this 500 million IRR allowance winner mentioned the performance of Parsian Bank as a guarantor and motivation for his loyalty and added, "Such packets plus cash prizes motivate customers, are very attractive, and boost customer's desire to keep using the banking services."
      Ramin Mirani Qusheh Bolagh attended Imam Hossein Branch of Parsian Bank and received his 500 million IRR award. He owns a nuts and grains store and exclusively uses Parsian Bank POS terminal. He said, "Queue management system, instant card issuance, instant POS terminal delivery, fast service delivery and customer orientation are among the distinguishing advantages of Parsian Bank."
      While expressing happiness and satisfaction with the performance of Parsian Bank and appreciating the branch authorities, another 500 million IRR allowance winner of Kian Packet, Fariba Fatehi, who is the customer of Sarsabz Branch said, "It is a great pleasure to be a customer of this bank."
      Provincial Winners: Parsian Bank is reputable and trustworthy Bank.
      A 500 million IRR car allowance was granted to the provincial winners of Parsian Kian Packet, namely Alireza Torabi, Mahdi Erfanian, Mohammad Reza Hormozi, Mahdi Shahraki Zad, and Sayyed Haji Ali Mansouri Pour.
      Alireza Torabi, a mechanic and customer of Saveh Branch winning the 500 million IRR allowance said, “Parsian Bank award is really valuable to me and thrives on my business."
      Being satisfied with Parsian Bank's performance, he added, "This bank provides its customers with attractive and diversified services and packets and is actually a customer-focused enterprise."
      Mahdi Erfanian, the other allowance winner active in clothing business and customer of Imam Reza Blvd. Branch of Mashhad said, "I use Parsian Bank POS terminal because of its acceleration speed. In our business, we have to use high-speed POS terminals because of the breadth and variety of sales and payments .Meanwhile Parsian Bank has been successful in the a/m field and has been eligible to build trust with customers."
      Mohammad Reza Hormozi, customer of Zeytoon Branch in Ahwaz, appreciated the performance and service provision of Parsian Bank and stated, "I have had a savings account in Parsian Bank for two years and used their services. It is a great pleasure for me to trust this bank and now, I am one of the winners of Parsian Kian Packet. I suggest people to take a chance and open accounts in this bank and enjoy its assorted valuable services and prizes.
      Mahdi Shahraki Zad, another 500 million IRR allowance winner of Parsian Bank Kian Packet and Zabol Branch customer said, "I was born in Zabol and started working at a young age. I ran a small grocery store and I have been successful in the business."
      Emphasizing that he exclusively uses Parsian Bank POS terminal, he added, "Parsian Bank POS terminal is faster and more convenient than other POS terminals, and this bank has successfully attracted customer satisfaction in e-banking."
      While declaring satisfaction with the performance of Parsian Bank, the 500 million IRR allowance winner of Kian Packet said, "I am happy to be a customer of this bank. I really enjoyed their services which boosted my trust in them tremendously."
      Sayyed Haji Ali Mansouri Pour, another winner of Kian Packet and a Khorram Abad Branch customer, talked about how he had got acquainted with Kian Packet saying, "I got acquainted with Kian Packet by friends and relatives who had Parsian POS terminals."
      He added, "It is my great pleasure to trust the Parsian Bank. I recommend all friends and people to choose this bank and open accounts and increase transactions in order to enjoy its valuable services and benefits and prizes."