• Activating and Using Offline and SMS One-Time Password Services

      Activating and Using Offline and SMS One-Time Password Services

      Using Parsian Bank's One-Time Password (OTP) service, holders of Parsian debit cards will be able to perform online transactions, pay bills, and buy call credit without worrying about forgetting the password or it being exposed.

      Currently, it is possible to receive an OTP both offline (using the Parsian Mobile Banking app) and via SMS. Given the greater security of the offline OTP, it is recommended to restrict using the SMS service only when access to the app or a smartphone is not possible.
      Keep in mind that only clients who have registered a mobile number at the bank. Clients are required to visit one of our locations to register or change their mobile numbers.
      As a holder of Parsian debit cards, you can activate the OTP service for their cards on any Parsian Bank ATM by selecting the “Password Operations” options from the menu screen and then tapping “One-Time Password Registration”.

      Next, the first and last four digits of your registered mobile number is shown on the screen to verify.

      After the number is verified, you are asked to choose an eight-digit password that only will be required when requesting an OTP using the app (not with SMS-based service).

      In the end, you are asked whether you also want to activate the SMS OTP service.

      After successfully finishing the above steps, an OTP activation SMS containing the activation code is sent to the verified number. The code is valid for 24 hours.

      In order to activate the offline OTP service, open the Parsian Mobile Banking app (My Parsian) and go to the Main Menu > One-Time Password > Registration and enter your card number and the activation code sent to you via SMS. After tapping “confirm”, a “successful registration” message will appear.
      Now you can request an OTP using the mobile banking app. For this purpose, go to Main Menu > One-Time Password > Request and select a debit card, enter the eight-digit password (the one you chose on the ATM) and tap “Online Transaction Password”. The generated OTP is valid for 60 seconds and can be only used once in that time.
      It is necessary for generating a correct password that the device time is set accurately. Therefore, in the case of OTPgeneration errors, tap “Time Synchronization” to set the device time.
      The "Card PIN" button will be used in the future to replace the now-static PIN, but it has not been enabled, at the time being.

      SMS One-Time Password
      Soon, it will be possible to request an SMS OTP in all online payment gateways and other payment methods that require a secondary PIN (online transaction password). In these payment methods, a dedicated button will be available to request an OTP (dynamic password), enabling the user to obtain a password after filling in their debit card information. After the request is made to the issuing bank, they will send an OTP to the client’s mobile number.
      It is necessary that the client had activated SMS OTP in advance to be able to use this new service. The SMS OTP remains valid for 120 seconds and can be only used once in that time.

      Deactivating the One-Time Password
      You can deactivate your offline OTP service by following this path:
      Main Menu > One-Time Password > Deactivation > Select Card > Deactivate.
      Moreover, you can deactivate both SMS and offline OTPs at the same times on a Parsian Bank ATM.
      Password Operations > Deactivate One-Time Password.