• The managing director of Parsian bank&#59; honouring clients and customer – centeredness depend on appropriate treatment and response to customers

      The managing director of Parsian bank&#59; honouring clients and customer – centeredness depend on appropriate treatment and response to customers

      The second one - day meeting of directors, assistants, heads of districts, and branch managers was held in the main hall of the headquarter building on December 21.

      The second one - day meeting of directors, assistants, heads of districts, and branch managers was held in the main hall of the headquarter building on December 21.
      In the meeting, Mr. Shayesteh released the news about the desirable growth of sight and short - term deposits and said: "Were there not the trust and confidence of our customers, Parsian bank would never make achievements. All Parsian staff must prioritize the principle of customer - centeredness and honour their clients."
      "Parsian bank takes pride in winning the first rank among all domestic banks and the 8th world rank among 800 international financial institutions as well as in improving its rank as many as 80 steps based on a ranking performed by the journal of the Banker and being introduced as the superior Islamic bank according to the international institute of Asset." , he added, "These achievements have doubled our responsibilities and we should do our best to serve our nation and its economy and move successfully on this competitive road."
      The managing director of Parsian bank went on to say that Parsian bank had managed to receive the statuette of the top brand of the country and the national award of innovation in services and customer - centeredness in the second national SEPAS scheme. The latter was awarded to Parsian bank based on the votes cast by people and customers. Those achievements revealed the customers' trust and confidence in Parsian bank services and highlighted the remarkably significant position of Parsian bank in the banking system of the country."
      Pointing to the bank achievements made during the first 7 months of 2011, the managing director of Parsian bank said: "We have made a substantial progress in absorption of sight deposits which went twice as far as our target. Short - term deposits have also increased remarkably."
      In the rest of his speech, Mr. Shayesteh emphasised the importance of developing foreign currency desks in branches and marketing strategies and reiterated that honouring clients and customer - centeredness require appropriate treatment and response to customers. "Our colleagues in all levels should pay special attention to continuous marketing and maintenance of resources. Moreover, branch managers should take the customers' demands and comments into consideration so that the special committees may include their ideas in the meetings held in branches and offices." ,he continued.
      In the meeting, the managing director of Parsian bank also analysed the performance of various bank departments and offered his guidelines for its betterment.
      Mr. Toodeh Fallah, the planning and project assistant of Parsian bank was the next lecturer in the meeting. He commenced his presentation by commenting about economic upheavals of the country, stock market index, growth of liquidity, and price fluctuations for gold and foreign currency. "We should make every attempt to play a significant role in creation of value in our economy and employ our strong points to move towards better achievements." , he said.
      Pointing to the subsidy reform scheme, evolution of the banking system, and problems arising from international sanctions, Mr. Fallah added: "We have got to persuade our customers to utilise electronic services, as well as modern banking instruments, and try to increase the merits of POS connected accounts so that we can prove an efficient performance in absorption of deposits."
      The planning and project assistant of Parsian bank elucidated the 5 - year plan of the bank (2012- 2016) and added: "We are determined to adjust this plan with the customers' demands. Given the fact that almost 85% of our current transactions are conducted without physical presence of customers in branches, we should offer other services in the virtual space."
      He went on to say that the Lotus software, which is going to replace NEGIN, is being prepared and made ready to be run. He expressed hopes that Lotus software would be employed before the end of this year.
      In the meeting, Mr. Hagh Verdi, the credit assistant of Parsian bank, presented a comprehensive report on the bank credit situation as well as its requirements and policies to the audience and put emphasis on taking advantage of opportunities offered by the market, the requirements introduced by the Central Bank concerning granting facilities, proper appraisal of creditworthiness, and obtaining collaterals to secure facilities and letters of guarantee.
      Pointing to the contracts of Istesna, Murabeheh, and purchase of loans mentioned in the guidelines for usury - free banking, Mr. Hagh Verdi emphasised that the bank turn to such contracts.
      The next person to present his speech in the meeting was Mr. Mohajeri, the assistant of international affairs, who pointed to the slow growth trend of the world economy and the financial crisis in Europe and elucidated the performance of branches in the field of foreign currencies. He also emphasised the importance of opening LCs and issuance of letters of guarantee.
      Mr. Mansoori, the IT assistant of Parsian bank presented a speech entitled Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in which he explained the history of economy and features of its virtual form. He numerated subjects such as rapid circulation of money, services, and goods as well as less costs in each transaction as the main characteristics of virtual economy.
      Referring to the growth of remote transactions in the bank, Mr. Mansoori said: "We lead other banks with regard to remote transaction instruments and we try to remain the pioneer in this competitive environment by offering more services. At the time being, more than 80% of remote banking transactions belong to Parsian bank."
      The IT assistant of Parsian bank introduced Parsian Niusha System as a revolution in the IT and banking systems of the country and released the news about its launch in near future. He also spoke about the replacement of NEGIN by Lotus software in near future and added: "Lotus is the strongest available software in Iran and we are gratified that this product is localised and belongs to Parsian bank."
      The other lecturers in the meeting included four branch managers who made speeches concerning electronic banking, granting facilities, settlement of debts, as well as methods to absorb resources and human capital. Mrs. Kazemi, the manager of Niavaran branch elucidated the essence of electronic banking and the necessity to propagate it in the society. She also mentioned the customers' expectations from electronic services and emphasised continuous support of electronic banking.
      Mr. Shafaghati, the manager of Parsian E - Commerce Tower branch delivered a speech about granting facilities and settlement of debts while suggesting mechanisms to improve the situation.
      Mr. Hossini, the manager of Shahid Beheshti branch in Karaj, numerated the internal and external factors which are influential in absorption of resources and actualisation of bank goals. He also offered suggestions for attracting customers and increasing deposits.
      Mr. Khalaj Asa'adi, the manager of Aboozar branch, talked about human capital and personnel affairs in the meeting and highlighted the importance of human capital in development and profitability of the bank, empowerment of human resources, training and skills, and confidence and motivation. He also made comments on motivating the staff and exciting the spirit of loyalty and organisational prejudice.