• Introducing the managing director of the IMF loan .

      Introducing the managing director of the IMF loan .

      With presence of the members for board of directors and fund staff , ceremony for referrals of Mr.Mohammad reza Behnam hosseinpour as president of Parsian bank IMF loan has been held.

      With presence of the members for board of directors and fund staff , ceremony for referrals of Mr.Mohammad reza Behnam hosseinpour as president of Parsian bank IMF loan has been held.
      In this ceremony ,Mr.Haghverdi , chairman for the board of parsian bank IMF loan pointing out that all activities of the fund would be accomplished in bed bank corporation , and he mentioned that one of the features of parsian bank fund loan in comparison to the other banks would be collection and resource allocation using parsian bank bed corporation.
      All of these activities would be performed without any cost and in this way the potential capacity and capabilities of Parsian bank branches would be utilized . Mr.Haghverdi , mentioning the Inauguration of parsian bank IMF loan , as the first fund among banking networks, with presence of chairman of the central bank and managing directors of the other banks , named parsian bank as one of the pioneers for separation of the fund from other banking activities and added that generally the formation of IMF loan for the banks had been the legal requirement and each bank that desired to take action , should separate the loan section from its own banking activities. In fact parsian bank as one of the pioneers of this field could take effective steps as the first bank.
      Vice chairman of the board for parsian bank IMF stated one of the causes of success in this short time , its low cost . Any way this low cost and utility of capacities and young talents of parsian Bank could construct this wide fund which has been considered among all banking networks so noteworthy at present time.
      Mr.Rezaee , deputy head of finance and member of the board for the IMF fund , who has been the responsible person for supervision of this fund , thanking the accompaniment and empathy for all the staff of the fund added that the policy of this fund would be supporting the disadvantaged areas as well as supporting certain patients , in addition to facility grant marriage, student loan , treatment lending , as well as self-employed loans. During this period of time , worthy actions concerning resources and grant facilities had been performed.
      I would be content that at current time , this responsibility has been delegated to Mr.Behnam Hosseinpour.From the beginning of the formation of this fund up to its progress , Mr.B .Hosseinpour tried laboriously . Wishing good luck for him, he hoped that with his tact and intelligence the higher goals of the fund would be achieved faster than before.
      MR.B.Hosseinpour , new president of fund thanking senior executives of the bank as well as all members of the board of directors , for reason of their trust and support , stated that would
      be thankful of the God almighty ,because of success to give services for second time for this fund which its purpose would be broadcasting the culture for use of loans , specifying good works and blessing of the fund. He mentioning the special look of Dr.Divandari , parsian bank president as well as Dr. Shams alam parsian bank board member and deputy director of finance, to the culture for use of loans , hoped that with their support and the other esteemed board members , in addition to accompaniment , corporation and empathy of the whole personnel of parsian bank , could take the effective steps in line with giving services to the disadvantaged segments of the society , revival , and promotion the tradition of lending loans , which has a root in our beliefs .
      It is worth noting that considering passing over short time, from inauguration of this fund regarding supervision of Mr.Rezaee, cooperation and empathy of fund staff, the valuable actions about resources as well as granting facilities have been executed. Codification and suggestion the programs and credit policies have been one of the actions for credit units of the fund which became the activity center concerning granting of loan facilities and following it , making correspondences with central bank as well as connection to the system for facility of marriage.
      Granting 1667 marriage loan with digital number of 50000 million rials ,would be one of valuable results of fund in this short period of time.
      The decision of bank for the establishment of loan fund , would be the preface for effort of colleagues who have been responsible for launching it in position of president , expert and operative employee. Certainly exposure to the position of the first loan fund of banks as well as formation its activities , would be indebted to this effort and the product of all efforts that these colleagues have endured .